Schools and further education

Schools & Education - Group

Group sessions for children or staff, tailored to their needs and age/educational level and group size, to be hosted at school or a third party location as appropriate.

– Making a good first impression (Students post-exam session)
– Interview technique (Students senior school & university preparation)
– Networking & Personal Impact (for staff)
– Presentation skills (for students)
– Handling difficult relationships and conflict (for staff)
– Presentation skills (for staff)

Schools & Education
One To One

Individual coaching for people (staff or students) who would benefit from a more individual approach. Usually offered as a course of shorter sessions.

– Interview preparation (for students)
– Handling nerves/stage fright (for students)
– Presenting with confidence (for staff)
– Finding your management style (for staff)
– Handling nerves/stage fright (for staff)

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